Four Winds
Four Winds
by Horacio Cardozo
SOLD to art collector in South Dakota USA
Original Painting
Morning Sun on Prow
by Horacio Cardozo
76x76 cm
Original Painting
Oil on Canvas $3,000 NZ
Red Boat by Horacio Cardozo
Original Painting
Oil on Canvas
51x92 cm (20x36inches)
$4,500 NZ (USD 2,800)
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Artwork hanging tip

If you have a large wall instead of placing one large painting, you could group two paintings together.  Boat In Tranquil Bay and Four Winds look stunning together.  They both have a very calming effect.  Both are original paintings done by  New Zealand Artist H. Cardozo.  The boat paintings on this page are superrealistic and done in a very pristine, crisp manner.  If you like boats and realism art, these definitely are a must see!!  They will add that WOW factor regardless of whether you are looking for art for the home, art for the boat or art for the office.
Paintings and artwork are a fabulous way to brighten and personalize a room. 
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Red Boat
Morning Sun on Prowl
Boat In Tranquil Bay
by Horacio Cardozo
Original Painting
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Boat-in-a-Tranquil-Bay-oil-101x101-2008 copy
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Golden Twilight
Golden Twilight by Horacio Cardozo
Oil on Canvas 61 x 122 cm (60x40 Inches)
$4,800 NZ  (USD 3,200)