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The majority of the artists listed reside in New Zealand and produce original art for sale.  We also have a number of art prints by various New Zealand artists as well as international artists such as the limited edition print  by Y Dominik or native art prints by Benjaminin Chee Chee.

If you want a particular art print just let us know and we will get it for you.  We currently have some floral art prints and tastefully done semi nude prints that are not shown on the website.
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We offer original  paintings in different styles which are available to buy online or you are welcome to visit our Contemporary Art Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand - connecting you to New Zealand central & local government services
Horacio Cardozo

Stella Dina
Linda Eccles
Carole Jones
Ae-Kyung Lee
Ngaio McKee
Angela Perry
Kay Power
Robert Stewart
John Richard Towers
John Towers
Janice Webb
Michael Yoffe