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Artworks for Sale and Hire - Original Abstract Art - Auckland Art Gallery

Artworks - Abstracts and Others

Joy of Music
by Carol Jones
Oil on canvas
Last Light
by John Towers
Original Abstract Paining
Acrylic on Canvas
Celebration by Janice Webb
Original Acrylic on Canvas
Original Painting
This funky abstract painting looks fabulous in real.  My photography skills aren't that great.  So it really is a must see.
Passion by Kay Power
Original Acrylic on Canvas
This painting could be hung either vertical or horizonital
Original Painting
Sunset on Sugarloaf
Chrissie Purdon
Triptych each panel is 50x50 for a total of
50cm x 150cm
Original Abstract Painting
Rebirth of Eve
Rebirth of Adam
Ae-Kyung Lee
2 canvases-each 30cmx30cm
Acrylic on Canvas
Rebirth of Eve
Red Auckland
by Carol Jones
Original Painting
Oil on Canvas
Watch this art gallery page for more beautiful abstract painting to come

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Chili Peppers
by Deanna Hobbs
Print on Boxed Canvas
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These two darling original paintings are both well textured - the pink appears to show the texture more than the blue cross but they are both the same except for the colour of the cross as shown.